Job Market Q&A

Greetings, The AAAC is launching a digital Q&A on the topic of the job market. We invite members and non-members to post questions to the AAAC FaceBook page. We invite faculty and non-faculty to respond to these questions with their insights, experiences, and knowledge regarding the job market. Please note that questions and responses do … Continue reading Job Market Q&A


AAAC Call for Nominations

The AAAC is calling for nominations for three leadership positions: Co-Chair, Associate Chair, and Digital Media Coordinator. Here are descriptions for these positions: Co-Chairs (3-5 year term, negotiable): Responsibilities include submitting proposals for the annual business meeting and sponsored session at CCCC; organizing and running the business meeting; communicating with the Program Chair to ensure that … Continue reading AAAC Call for Nominations

CCCC 2019 | A/AAC Sponsored Session | Call for Papers

At our caucus meeting at CCCC 2018, we engaged in a discussion about the historical in/visibility of the work of Asian and Asian American communities and of our caucus more specifically; about the simultaneous difficulties and possibilities of “identity politics” in academic, rhetorical, and political work; and about how we—as individual (and individually situated) academics … Continue reading CCCC 2019 | A/AAC Sponsored Session | Call for Papers

Business Meeting Agenda

The final agenda for the AAA Caucus Business Meeting CCCC 2016 is listed below. The Business Meeting will be held on Friday from 6:30pm-7:30pm in Hilton Room 335A, Level Three. Introductions Announcements Graduate Student Representative: Website History Project Institutional Issues Inclusivity Task Force Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Book Series Co-Chair Nominations (3-5 year term) 3. … Continue reading Business Meeting Agenda