CCCC 2020 Sponsored Session CFP

The AAA caucus meeting of the 2019 CCCC drew the largest number of members yet and engaged in productive discussion about the place, in/visibility, and impact of our community’s work in relation to other caucuses and the broader profession. In a way, the history and present of our caucus have been our efforts—individually and collectively—at finding and building a commonplace within the profession, a common space that recognizes our bodies, our histories, and our voices. Building from that discussion and in the spirit of the conference theme (“Commonplaces”) for the 2020 CCCC, we invite proposals that engage with one or more of the questions below for our sponsored session next year:

  • What are the commonplaces of Asian or Asian American identities/politics/rhetorics in our research, teaching, and activism, and how do they converge or conflict with those of writing and rhetorical studies?
  • How do new and emerging political, technological, and economic exigencies call upon us to re-examine, re-articulate, and re-frame previous articulations of commonplaces in Asian/Asian American rhetoric, writing, and literacies?
  • How can rhetoric, writing, and literacy studies scholars best work with communities? What commonplaces make such collaborations feasible? What best practices are available out there?
  • What does it look like to rearticulate Asian/Asian American rhetoric, writing, and literacy practices within and across a transnational/global/regional space?
  • How do commonplaces coexist with or draw on dominant structures of power, such as popular culture or public spheres, to maintain power and/or exclude others? How might the belief in “the common” prevent coalition or unity among other groups or potential allies?
  • What Asian and Asian American rhetorical interventions in [local, national, international, disciplinary] activist movements should we and our colleagues at CCCC 2020 be paying attention to? What can we learn from the strength, successes, challenges, and strategies of members of our communities who came before us (or who live beside us) and whose work toward the common good we continue to build on?

Please send your 250-word proposal to Linh Dich (dichli[at]miamioh[dot]edu) and/or Iswari Pandey (ipandey[at]csun[dot]edu) by May 3, 2019. We encourage scholars at all stages of their academic careers to submit: to rely on the cliché, the more the merrier! In fact, if there is enough interest, we may sponsor a roundtable rather than a traditional panel. Please feel free to email us if you have additional questions or would like to workshop ideas.

Previous Sponsored Sessions at CCCC


Labels and Literacies: Identity, Rhetorical Roots, and Rhetorical Possibilities
Chair: Jasmine Lee
Panelists: Allison Dziuba, Kate Firestone, Ann Kim
Respondents: Terese Guinsatao Monberg, Asao B. Inoue


Solidarity & Subversion: Writing Pedagogies & Rhetorical Practices Rearticulated
Panelists: Jo Hsu, Xiaobo Belle Wang, Henny Zacharias

AAAC Sponsored 4c18


“The Empire Writes Back”: Toward a Geopolitical Paradigm of Translingualism
Panelists: Debarati Dutta, Rashi Jain, Sonia Sharmin; Respondent: Suresh Canagarajah


New Directions in Transnational Asian/Asian American Rhetoric and Composition: Issues for Historiography, Digital Rhetoric, Racial Justice, and Writing Center Research
Chair: Jolivette Mecenas; Panelists: Chanon Adsanatham, Priya Sirohi, Patricia Poblete, Vani Kannan, Xiaobo Wang; Respondent: Jennifer Sano-Franchini


Asian/Asian American Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition: Risks and Rewards
Speakers: K. Hyoejin Yoon and Phuong Tran, Edward Lee, Michael Pak, Scott Kaalele, Jolivette Mecenas, Linh Dich, Lehua Ledbetter; Chair: Terese Monberg; Respondent: Hui Wu


Voices from the Asian/Asian American Caucus: Opening Up Our Disciplinary History and Scholarship
Chair: Asao Inoue; Speakers: Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Linh Dich, K. Hyoejin Yoon, Terese Guinsatao Monberg; Respondent: Asao Inoue

aaac 2014 sponsored session

Cross-Caucus Sessions & Projects at CCCC


Four Days in Kansas City
Editors: Chanon Adsanatham*, Christina Cedillo, Tom Do*, David Green, Al Harahap*, Tamara Isaak, Cruz Medina, Ersula Ore, Iris Ruiz, Jennifer Sano-Franchini*, Karrieann Soto, Jonathan Alexander, Steve Parks

Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at the Convention (SJAC)
Members: Akua Duku Anokye (Chair), Jessie Moore, Jane Greer, Bump Halbritter, Holly Hassel, Stephanie Kerschbaum, Aja Martinez, Michael Pemberton, Casie Moreland, Romeo Garcia, Victor Del Hierro, Cindy Tekobbe, Gail MacKay, Al Harahap*, Jolivette Mecenas*, David Green, Ersula Ore, Zan Gonçalves


Working and Getting Worked: An Interactive, Decolonial, Queer, and Feminist Roundtable on Labor in Rhetoric and Composition
Chair: Terese Guinsatao Monberg*; Speakers: Casie Cobos, Kate Firestone*, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Franny Howes, Stephanie Mahnke, Ersula Ore, Patricia Poblete*, Dora Ramirez, Flourice Richardson, Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Aimee Suzara*; Respondents: Angela M. Haas, Stephanie Kerschbaum

Cultivating a More Equitable Professional Organization (Think Tank on Equity in CCCC)
Facilitators: Stephanie Kerschbaum, Garrett Nichols, Catherine Prendergast, Joyce Rain Anderson, Donnie Sackey, Jennifer Sano-Franchini*, Bo Wang*


Performing Feminist Action: A Toolbox for Feminist Research and Teaching
Contributors: Charlotte Hogg, Angela Moore, Jazmine Wells, Staci Perryman-Clark, Brittney Boykins, Rhea Estelle Lathan, Maria Novotny, Elizabeth Horn Walker, Ruth Osorio, Chad Iwertz, Karrieann Soto Vega, Iris Ruiz, Chanon Adsanatham*, Karen Ching Carter*, Chenchen Huang*, Hui Wu*, Megan Mise, Danielle Roach, Daniel Cox, Jessica Restaino, Christine Martorana, Jeanne Bohannon, Jenn Fishman, Patricia Fancher

Studies in Writing and Rhetoric — 30th Anniversary of Berlin’s Rhetoric and Reality
Editor/Organizers: Steve Parks, Andre Habet, C.C. Hendricks, Brett Kegan; Contributors: Terese Guinsatao Monberg*, Asao Inoue*, Jason Palmeri, Carolyn Calhoun, Carmen Kynard, Bruce McComiskey, Khirsten Lanese Echols, Sherita V. Roundtree, Louis Maraj, Jaquetta Shade,

Taking Action and Taking Responsibility: A Roundtable for Caucuses, Special Interest Groups, Standing Groups, and the NCTE/CCCC
Chair: Garrett Nichols; Speakers: Qwo-Li Driskill, Tara Wood, Linh Dich*, Casie Cobos, Al Harahap*, Elaine Richardson, Garrett Nichols


Writing and Working for Change: Agenda for a New Generation
Panelists: Matt Cox, Qwo-Li Driskill, Tracey Flores, Austin Jackson, Kendra Mitchell, Pamela Roeper, Jennifer Sano-Franchini*


Listening to Our Elders: Writing and Working for Change
Editors: Samantha Blackmon, Cristina Kirklighter, Steve Parks; Contributors: Cristyn Elder, Alexandra Hidalgo, Laurie Pinkert, Resa Crane Bizzaro, Jolivette Mecenas*, Kendra Mitchell, Jay Dolmage, Samadhi Metta Bexar, Brenda Brueggeman, Susan Ghiaciuc, Patricia Dunn, Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Sushil Oswal, Margaret Price, Nicole Quackenbush, Amy Vidali, Austin Jackson, Bonnie Williams, Itzcóatl Tlaloc Meztli, Iris Ruiz, Timothy Dougherty, Justin Lewis, Martha Marinara, Mark McBeth, Pamela Roeper, Bill Macauley


Race, Space and Place: Language, Identity and Students of Color in the Composition Classroom (All-Day Workshop)
Sponsored by Language Policy Committee; American Indian, Asian/Asian American, Black, and Latino Caucuses
Chair: Geneva Smitherman; Facilitators: Terry Carter, Rashidah J. Muhammad, Elaine Richardson, Denise Troutman, Itzcoatl T. Meztli, Jaime A. Mejia, Luisa Rodriguez Connal, Damian Baca, Bo Wang*, Christine Faith Law, Fify Juliana, Joyce Rain Anderson, Qwo-Li Driskill, Malea Powell, Mindy Morgan, Ellen Cushman, Angela M. Haas


Language Diversity in the Composition Classroom (All-Day Workshop)
Sponsored by Language Policy Committee; American Indian, Asian/Asian American, Black, and Latina/Latino Caucuses; Second Language Writing Committee; SIG on Language, Linguistics and Writing
Chair: Geneva Smitherman; Facilitators: Rashidah Muhammad, Terry Carter, Denise Troutman, Elaine Richardson, Malea Powell, Joyce Rain Anderson, Angela M. Haas, Paul Kei Matsuda*, Victor Villanueva, Gail Okawa, Cristina Kirklighter, Susan Miller, Michelle Hall Kells, Kim Brian Lovejoy, C. Jan Swearingen, Arthur Palacas, LuMing Mao*, Nancy Linh Karls*, Haivan V. Hoang*, Eleanor Kutz, MaryAnn K. Crawford, Katherine K. Sohn

* Asian/Asian American Caucus Member