The mission of the Asian/Asian American Caucus is to support composition scholarship by and/or about Asians and Asian Americans.  As a community that values research, pedagogy, and mentorship, we work to

  1. increase the representation of Asian and Asian American scholars in composition studies; and
  2. advance scholarship on Asian and Asian American rhetorics, literacy practices, and second language acquisition issues.

The Asian/Asian American Caucus invites all to join this community of members who support one another on scholarship by and/or about Asian and Asian American language practices, rhetorics, and literacy education.

Composed by Haivan Hoang and Nancy Linh Karls

Additional Resources

Intersecting Asian/American Rhetorics & Feminisms: Histories, Visions, and Collaborative Actions

Revisiting Rhetoric and Reality: Histories and Possibilities for Rhetoric


Current List of CCCC’s Member Groups


Featured on the NCTE blog, “A Legacy of Pride for May” by NCTE Vice President Joyce Chadwick.

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